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Creating fake images/videos has never been easier. In today’s day and age, there are plenty of tools available publicly that can be used to manipulate content. These range from the traditional methods (e.g. Photoshop, GIMP) to the more sophisticated neural network based approaches (e.g. DeepFakes , NeuralTextures). The challenge comprises several original images captured from different digital cameras with various scenes either indoor or outdoor. The images are divided into images which we call “pristine” or “never manipulated” and images we call “forged” or “fakes”. …


Restaurants from all over the world can be found here in Bengaluru. From United States to Japan, Russia to Antarctica, you get all type of cuisines here. Delivery, Dine-out, Pubs, Bars, Drinks,Buffet, Desserts you name it and Bengaluru has it. The number of restaurants are increasing day by day. Currently which stands at approximately 12,000 restaurants. With such a high number of restaurants. This industry hasn’t been saturated yet. And new restaurants are opening every day. However it has become difficult for them to compete with already established restaurants. The key issues that continue to pose a challenge to them…


Data Science aspirant

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